Version 4.0: Something Special

I put a lot of love and attention into every FoxyShop release, but I try to make the big version numbers something special. Version 2.0 added Order Management and SSO. Version 3.0 brought us the complete overhaul of the variation system. FoxyShop version 4.0, released just 11 months after 1.0, brings a dozen new features, improvements and bugfixes. I’ve also taken the opportunity to update all documentation and add a lot of code samples and recommendations to the FAQ section.

Attributes for Transactions, Customers, and Subscriptions

FoxyCart 0.7.2 users can now add and edit attributes for all transactions, customers and subscriptions. These are special data fields that live with the records and can hold tracking information, notes, or any other data you want to store. Since attributes are included with the FoxyCart API, you’ll be able to use the data anywhere you need to. Use the helper functions foxyshop_save_attribute() and foxyshop_delete_attribute() to easily save and manage attributes in your own integrations. You can see the arguments for these functions in adminfunctions.php.

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Version 3.9: Image Zooming and More

FoxyShop version 3.9 has added built-in image zooming courtesy of the fantastic Cloud-Zoom jQuery plugin. You can now choose to use the default PrettyPhoto slideshow or the new Cloud-Zoom image zooming functionality right in your single product template. There are a number of other features and improvements which are listed out below:

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