Version 2.5: Category Images

FoxyShop versino 2.5 is out and there’s a few new features:

Category Images
If you’ve been pining for category images, FoxyShop has now been optimized to work with the Taxonomy Images plugin. Just install the plugin and follow the instructions to attach images to your product categories. Also, if you don’t want to have category descriptions show up on your category listing page, you can now turn that off when calling the foxyshop_category_children() function. See helperfunctions.php line 563 for more of the exciting details.

Single Sign On Options
Some of our users wanted to use SSO, but didn’t want to force everyone to use it. Let’s say you are selling subscriptions and tchotchkes. The subscriptions do require that you have an account but the tchotchkes don’t. Well now you can select what flavor of SSO you’d like to have: account optional, account required, or product-specific. If you select the last option, you’ll be able select only the products that you WANT to trigger the SSO login requirement.

jQuery Upgraded top 1.6.1
The default jQuery used by FoxyShop is now 1.6.1. Note that 1.6 and IE7 caused problems, but 1.6.1 seems to work very nicely. After upgrading, though, you should probably check all your JavaScript functions and make sure that they still work correctly with the upgraded version.


Version 2.4: Product Sorting Dropdown

Well, it’s here. Version 2.4 has landed with a few humble updates and bugfixes. It’s nothing to get too excited about, but as always upgrading is definitely recommended. What am I talking about?? This is the most exciting software release of the year. You’ve got to grab it now!!

Big, Exciting New Feature: Dropdown Product Sorter

There’s a new function called foxyshop_sort_dropdown() to let your site visitors sort the products in whichever way they’d like. By default this is commented out in the theme files, but it’s very easy to enable and style. And if you don’t like the names for the dropdown fields, you can set them yourself in your theme file by setting $arr_dropdown_sort just like it’s done in helperfunctions.php. The selected order is set in a session cookie so that the order will be saved from page to page.

Locale Settings Are Now a Setting

Need to have the British Pound show up instead of the dollar sign and your host is set to en_US? Instead of hacking the foxyshop.php core files, there’s now a setting for this on the settings page. Just put in en_GB or whatever your current localization (localisation) might be.

jQuery Updated to 1.5.2

FoxyCart updated their code to fix the long-standing jQuery problem which was limiting us to 1.4.4. Accordingly, the default jQuery packaged with FoxyShop is now 1.5.2. This shouldn’t affect you unless you are doing lots of crazy stuff with jQuery. If you are, you might check to make sure your crazy stuff still works. If it doesn’t you can either fix it so that it works with 1.5.2 or you can use your own jQuery include and skip FoxyShop’s. Or…. you can now specify the version of jQuery to install by chucking this bit of code into your wp-config.php file: define('FOXYSHOP_JQUERY_VERSION','1.5.2'). Make sure you fix the apostrophes which WordPress so helpfully makes into curly-quotes.

Compatibility updated to WordPress 3.1.2

In what might be the most inconsequential change to any piece of software ever written, you can now be assured that FoxyShop is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Really though, this latest patch to WP was very simple and didn’t affect any FoxyShop related functions.

Bugfix: SSO Testing

An astute user (thanks Mitchell!) pointed out that some testing code was left in the Single Sign On file and was keeping the redirect from completing properly. This is rather mortifying and has been promptly patched.

That’s all folks! Download now.