Version 3.9: Image Zooming and More

FoxyShop version 3.9 has added built-in image zooming courtesy of the fantastic Cloud-Zoom jQuery plugin. You can now choose to use the default PrettyPhoto slideshow or the new Cloud-Zoom image zooming functionality right in your single product template. There are a number of other features and improvements which are listed out below:

Skip FoxyCart Includes

By default, FoxyShop puts FoxyCart includes on all your pages for you. It picks the right includes based on your version so you don’t have to worry about it. If you want to load in your own includes or want to skip them on some pages, you can now do so. Just go to your settings page and enter page slugs or id’s separated by comma for the pages which should not have FoxyCart includes. If you want to skip FoxyCart includes on all pages, just put an asterisk (*) in this box.

This is particularly helpful if you want to use your WordPress template to create an update-able FoxyCart checkout template since these pages should not have the FoxyCart includes.

More Hooks and Filters

If you want to allow external users to access your orders but not necessarily the rest of your admin, you can now setup permission filtering. To see some sample code and the necessary hooks, click here and look for the Permission Hooks section.

A filter was added for when the product slug string is set in the product initiation. This allows for the product url to be dynamically modified with, for example, the category name.

An action hook was added that fires after any transactions have been archived or unarchived.

A filter was added for foxyshop_descriptionfield_variation which will let you manage the description field contents and potentially do some special customizations.

Other Changes

The foxyshop_container div has been moved so that it now sits inside of the foxyshop-header.php and foxyshop-footer.php files. This should makes any custom integration a little easier since the foxyshop_container should, more accurately go inside of the header and footer includes.

The shipping category has been renamed (more accurately) “FoxyCart Category.” If there were no customized shipping locations, the FoxyCart Category dropdown would have been hidden. Now, it will always be visible for more clarity and to allow for customized shipping process functions, like FoxyCart Download Sync in FC version 0.7.2. If using 0.7.2 you may want to re-sync your FoxyCart Category list after upgrade.

FoxyCart is taking 0.7.2 out of beta so FoxyShop now sets 0.7.2 as the default version when it’s first installed.

Bugfixes and Cleanups

  • Images uploaded while the product is untitled will now be called “Image” instead of “Auto Draft”
  • Warnings have been added to the admin page so that the & and " characters can’t be saved in the product code string. This causes validation to fail.
  • Bugfix: Minimum quantities that were entered without a maximum quantity weren’t being saved. This has been corrected.
  • Bugfix: Expired Google Products authentication now correctly prompts for renewal. Authentication expires every two weeks.

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