Version 4.3: Keeping Things Tidy

FoxyShop 4.3 is primarily a maintenance update but it does have some handy new features.

The new default FoxyCart store version is 1.0. (In fact, any new stores being created now won’t be able to build a 0.7.2 store.)

Native support has been added for the following fields at the product level: cart, empty, and coupon. So you can now check a box and instruct a product to add a coupon with the product or force a checkout. It should be noted that it’s generally a good idea to check the “Empty Cart” option if you are forcing a direct checkout. You can still use “cart”, “empty”, or “coupon” as a direct custom field if you want more flexibility. These new checkboxes are located under the subscription/discount information on the right side of the product page in the admin.

You can now add hidden product field variations. This gives you the flexibility to add a hidden field that will be included with the product when it goes to the cart.

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