Reverse SSO: Logging Into Your Site After Checkout

Reverse LoginIf you are asking the FoxyShop datafeed endpoint to create user accounts on your site, you can customize the receipt to automatically log the user in to your WordPress site. This means that by the time they get back to your site their account will already have been created and they will be logged in. In order to utilize this feature, please see the following requirements:

  • Must be using FoxyCart 2.0+
  • Must be using FoxyShop 4.6+
  • Must have SSO enabled
  • The datafeed should be pointed to FoxyShop
  • “Create/Update WordPress User After Checkout” should be checked in FoxyShop Settings

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FoxyShop 4.6: Expiration and Reverse Login

Product Expiration FunctionalityFoxyShop 4.6 includes product expiration features and the ability to provide automatic login at your site after checkout.

Here’s the list of the new features and fixes in this release:

  • Adding product expiration feature – use a number (minutes) or a date (Y-m-d in Pacific time) when setting up your products¬†to handle time-sensitive products.
  • Adding Reverse SSO functionality – log your customers into WordPress after checkout. See this link for setup instructions.
  • Connecting featured images that weren’t uploaded to the product
  • A custom image size called “featured” won’t take over the featured image functionality any more
  • Fix to make sure that hidden required checkboxes aren’t required
  • Adding filters to disable custom category sorting and provide your own custom sorting

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