Version 2.3: Variation Inventory Update

Version 2.3 includes a number of updates and fixes to tune up your installation.

The biggest new feature, though, allows you to add custom inventory levels for complicated variation types and intersections. If you have a shirt, for example, that you are selling in small, medium, and large AND in red, green, and blue, then you should set up your variations to add code values instead of replace {c+red}, {c+small}. If you base code is “shirt” this will result in a FoxyCart product code of “shirtredsmall”. Set up your inventory values like this: shirtredsmall, shirtredmedium, shirtredlarge, shirtbluesmall, etc. This doesn’t allow for setting a unique product code for each variation intersection at this point since that code would have to be transmitted to FoxyCart as something different than than the product code. But if you can set up your internal codes as shown above, you should be all set.

ID attributes have been added to the hidden form fields to make it easier to grab values with JavaScript if needed.

FOXYSHOP_TEMPLATE_PATH has been added as a constant which you can set in wp-config if you need to have a custom template path.

Product image array now returns all intermediate sizes, not just thumbnail, medium, large, and full. So if you have some custom file sizes you can now use those.

PrettyPhoto has been upgraded to version 3.1. Also, an error has been fixed in the CSS where all image refs had been broken.

Tested in WordPress 3.1.1 with no issues.

Added ODT as file upload type.

Image uploading from the image bar (and custom file upload) now automatically sets based on your php config’s max file upload size.

Updated FoxyCart include files so that CSS comes before Javascript to prevent any weird ColorBox issues.

Resolved upload errors where paths with aliases were not being translated.

Fixed image rename bug on the image bar.

Additionally, from versions 2.2.1 – 2.2.3, here are a few highlights:

The file that includes for the Custom File Upload has been moved into the themefiles folder so that you can now store a customized version in your theme folder without risking an overwrite during upgrade.

When upgrading in WP 3.1 the register_activation_hook doesn’t fire. A FoxyShop version number has been added to the settings and if out of date, the plugin runs upgrade tasks.

On de-activation the custom post types are removed before de-activation so that the rule flushing will be effective: cleaner uninstalls.

Settings page now gives warnings if your configuration will cause FoxyShop problems. Settings page also has a new info panel at top with easy access to important information for each install.

Better and more accurate rewrite rule flushing. Rules are now automatically flushed after changing slugs.

Some Bugfixes: Template redirect was not using FOXYSHOP_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_SLUG. New JavaScript code for enforcing required variations was failing if jQuery was in non-conflict mode. Single Category page titles were not being used.

Added option to make variation fields required. Works on text fields and image upload. Thanks to Laura for the suggestion.