Version 4.5: FoxyCart 2.0 Support

New Features in FoxyShop 4.5It’s been quite a while since I’ve released a new version of FoxyShop, but I’ve been storing up some incremental improvements. Version 4.5 has a number of upgrades and features.

FoxyCart 2.0: This new release supports the features and functionality found in FoxyCart 2.0 which is nearing public release. This means that you can select 2.0 from the FoxyCart Version dropdown and the proper includes will be bundled. If you are interested in upgrading to 2.0, please read this post.

Bundled Products: FoxyCart 2.0 supports bundled products and so if you are using 2.0, FoxyShop will now support bundles as well – letting you lock products to their parent products.

Google Analytics Universal Support: FoxyShop now includes the correct includes to handle Google Analytics Universal. Note this is for 1.1  only. FoxyCart 2.0 is another animal and doesn’t support this out of the box.

Custom Product Sorting By Category: FoxyShop category sorting has been upgraded to allow you to have custom sorting for each category that a product is in. Previously products were limited to one sorting key but now they can be sorted in a custom way in each category in which they appear. If you have a custom category template, you’ll need to update the this line:
$args = array_merge($args,foxyshop_sort_order_array());
to this:
$args = array_merge($args,foxyshop_sort_order_array($currentCategoryID));

Smaller Updates and Bugfixes:

  • Added a number of requested filters
  • Open validation for bundled product images
  • Adding full and medium size image type filters
  • Updating max_quantity calculation, removing hashes
  • Updating most fields to remove tags to solve validation issues
  • Fixed the SSO password problem when adding new WordPress accounts
  • Changing mysql_real_escape_string() to esc_sql()
  • Allowing price changes to still be enforced with v: variation modifier
  • Allowing id attribute when specifying ‘showproduct’ shortcode
  • Updated to jQuery 1.11.1

And a catch-up from 4.4 maintenance releases:

  • Changing the Manage Inventory page to use ajax-based saving
  • Trim individual variation lines
  • Updating styles for WordPress 3.8
  • Adding GTIN, MPN field matching for Google Products (thanks to Scott Daniels)
  • Updating inventory now covers multiple products with same code
  • Add-on product images are now properly skipping validation
  • Add-on products are not displayed if they are not in stock
  • Changed multiship script to use “Me” instead of “me” to avoid potentially different shipto names
  • Allow alternate named sub_startdate and sub_enddate to set a dynamic strtotime date
  • Improved WP_Error handling with FoxyCart API
  • Start using wp_redirect()
  • Fix for missing validation on variation values that are only “0”
  • Added ‘foxyshop_social_media_header’ handle for custom social media headers
  • Made the JavaScript UTF-8 checker more flexible

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