Version 4.4: FoxyCart Templates

New TemplatesVersion 4.4 includes a host of small updates, new filters, and jQuery 1.10.1 support. There’s also a few new features to help you build dynamic FoxyCart stores even faster.

Important jQuery Note: The jQuery team made a big change in the 1.9 branch, removing support for .live(). This breaks a lot of older plugins. If you are using FoxyCart 1.0 or previous, FoxyShop will attempt to use jQuery 1.8.3. If you are using FoxyCart 1.1 or newer, the latest 1.10.1 branch will be used instead. To override, you can either include jQuery yourself or set this in your wp-config.php file:


Please test your site after upgrade to make sure everything is working as expected.

Here are the highlights of this FoxyShop release:

Built-In FoxyCart Templates
Since every store needs a FoxyCart checkout and receipt template, this new release has an easily-editable template built right in. There are two new theme files: foxyshop-checkout-template.php and foxyshop-receipt-template.php which are pre-configured to act as the templates that you need. To customize, just copy these files to your theme folder. As a bonus, the new functionality automatically injects the Google Analytics code directly into your checkout and receipt pages if you have the “Advanced” setting turned on. To start using the new templates, just go to the FoxyShop Tools page and cache the new template files. The two templates can be previewed at /foxycart-checkout-template/ and /foxycart-receipt-template/.

Easier Subscription Frequency Modifiers
In version 4.3.2 a new feature was added to allow a variation to have a different actual field name, letting a variation masquerade as sub_frequency (or something else). This turned out to still not provide all the flexibility required for subscription frequency modifiers, so a new prefix has been introduced: fr. If you add fr:X to your variation like this Pay Monthly{fr:1} the value of the fr modifier will be set as the subscription frequency before the product is added to the cart. Nice and easy!

More New Features

  • Checkbox variations can now be set as required
  • Added FOXYSHOP_DECIMAL_PLACES definition to allow setups that need three decimal places
  • Google feeds can now be exported in multiple pages/batches and the feed page is limited to 100 unmatched products at a time
  • Description variation fields will now process shortcodes
  • Added filters for the no-stock inventory message
  • Added German translation (courtesy of Pixel Darkroom)

Bug Fixes

  • Future line item products shouldn’t get processed by inventory
  • Image field is now set to –OPEN– validation so that W3 Cache doesn’t break it
  • max_quantity now honored when dealing with low inventory
  • Fixed the jQuery dequeue feature
  • Added datafeed loop detection to the Order Desk redirect
  • Check for is_ssl() when building FoxyShop admin links
  • Changed cURL to wp_remote_post()


  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.10.1
  • Upgraded to prettyPhoto 3.1.5
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.10.3 (used for Date Picker)
  • Default FoxyCart version is now 1.1
  • Confirmed WordPress 3.6 support

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