Version 4.2: Variation Updates

FoxyShop hasn’t had an update for a few months but I haven’t been sitting around on my hands. In that time I’ve been hard at work on this maintenance version, preparing for the big FoxyCart changes coming with the rewritten API (exciting stuff), and working hard on Order Desk.

FoxyShop version 4.2 focuses on some improvements to the variations processor and a number of other updates and bugfixes. Here’s the rundown of what you’ll find in 4.2:

Variation Processor Updates
The variations will now allow multiple levels of d-keys to allow very complicated structures where each d-key’ed element is viewed on all previous elements instead of just a single level of dependency checking. Now you can have a shirt type which turns on embroidery type where a certain embroidery type turns on color options. The processor has also been updated to put an x: in front of hidden text and textarea input fields. This was already in place for select’s and radio buttons, but this now means that you won’t end up with text fields in your cart that weren’t viewable when the form was submitted. This also means that you can now have multiple hidden text fields that share the same name.

Updates for Multiple Products on One Page
Sometimes when showing multiple product forms on the same page there were some collisions with the galleries. PrettyPhoto galleries have been updated to include the product ID in the rel attribute so that multiple galleries won’t overlap on each other. Out of stock messages are now members of a JavaScript array so that having more than one on a single page means they won’t overwrite each other.

Google Product Feed
The Google Product Feed feature has been updated to add CDATA markup to content field and to allow for customizable target country and currency via filters. Note that this program has changed and you now have to purchase product ads. See Google’s announcement for more information. You can still submit your product feed but then you’ll go create ads in AdWords.

New Features

  • Added settings option for disabling cart validation (if cart validation was currently disabled via the wp-config constant, new setting will be set to “off”)
  • Added a filter for the post type registration argument array
  • Added filter for disabling auto-login when new user account created


  • Allow saved variations to have custom names
  • Updated hidden ikey images to be written out but hidden so cloudzoom will work properly
  • Improved inventory update matching to only update published products, not those in trash. Also improved to handle the different ways that different servers write serialized datatypes.


  • Fix for double UTF-8 encoding on foxyshop_currency() – won’t do UTF-8 encoding if the localization name ends with .utf8.
  • Fix for error/typo in customer email variable in subscription datafeed
  • Fix to accept custom field search criteria in CSV export feature
  • Fix for CSV export not showing proper amount for quantities greater than one
  • Fix for the FOXYSHOP_PRODUCT_TAGS feature

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