Version 3.6.1: Dynamic Sitemaps

In FoxyShop version 3.6.1, the product sitemap is now a dynamic url rather than a hard-coded xml file. This means no more fighting with file permissions and the sitemap won’t be rewritten every time a product is saved. This will result in a performance boost. If you’d like to customize the url slug, just define the constant FOXYSHOP_PRODUCT_SITEMAP_SLUG in wp-config.php. If you were actively using the old sitemap-products.xml, the file won’t be deleted–but it won’t be updated either so you’ll want to update your Google Webmaster Tools and any other locations that were referencing it. If you really need to, you could write an .htaccess rule so that old requests route to the new location. I also fixed a namespace error in the xml declaration – apparently Google adjusted their sitemap requirements and the old namespace url was invalid.

There’s also a couple of new features for you intrepid 0.7.2 users. on the settings page you can now automatically pull your shipping category list from FoxyCart with the API. You can also update your receipt template with a new tool on the FoxyShop tools page.

jQuery has been updated to the new 1.7 since everything looks good with the new version. And then there’s the usual smattering of small CSS tweaks and code optimizations. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade!

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