Version 3.5: Saved Variations

Version 3.5 is a smaller release but has a feature which will really help out stores that make a difference for stores with a lot of complicated variations.

Saved Variations
Go to the FoxyShop Tools page and you can add saved variations. These are just like normal variations but can be saved and added to many products. Then, when you change the saved variation, it will automatically change all the products at once. It’s a simple way to quickly roll out or manage a complicated variation structure across multiple products quickly.

Product Paging on All Products Page
Up until now, the FoxyShop paging wouldn’t work on the All Products page. That has been corrected–make sure to grab updated code from the foxyshop-all-products.php template if you want this feature and have customized your all products template code.

A Few More Things:

  • Rolled back filter that was removing spaces from variation modifiers. Caused inventory bug with codes that had spaces in them.
  • Added uninstall.php to properly clean up after plugin files are deleted
  • Recommended plugins tool improved
  • Added more filters

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