Version 3.5.3: Whitespace, Add-on Order

On October 22 FoxyCart rolled out a change to the entire system which may affect your store. All strings coming into FoxyCart are now being trimmed for whitespace at the beginning or end. If your product name or code has whitespace at the end, this will cause validation to fail and your product won’t be able to be added to the cart. In FoxyShop 3.5.3 this has been patched so that product names and codes are being trimmed before being written out to the $product array. It’s recommended that you upgrade now.

If you had dropdowns that were hidden by a dkey, the JavaScript was still using these dropdowns to select price, code, and ikey. The system has been adjusted so that any hidden select or radio buttons will not be used when calculating price or ikey and will also be ignored by the shopping cart so you don’t get the values of hidden dropdowns in your product attributes in the cart. If this breaks your current functionality, there is a workaround. You can set a javascript variable on the single product template (near the top of the page) to disable the new functionality: var foxyshop_skip_hidden_selects = 1;.

There’s a new feature that lets you customize the order in which the product add-ons are displayed. You can simply enter the ID’s separated by comma in the order in which you’d like them to appear.

There was also a bugfix where add-on products weren’t working properly in the admin if the “related products” feature wasn’t also selected.

Version 3.5.2 was released last week which removed some erroneous “NOT FOUND” text on the order management page and added responsive CSS to the admin so that the variations look better on narrower screens.

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