Version 3.5.1: Patches

Here’s a rundown on some patches in the just-released 3.5.1:

We received a report that FoxyShop wasn’t working with WordPress Multisite. The problem had to do with some of the plugin’s filenames causing WordPress to do some unexpected things. This has been solved and it looks like FoxyShop is working fine in Multisite now. Just be aware that any constant definitions will be applied across all sites on the network. There may also be an issue with the product sitemap in the root. Let me know if you run into anything.

FoxyShop recently started using a preg_replace shortcut for newline splitting on dropdown variations which wasn’t working as expected at all times. This has been corrected.

Pricing adjustments have been added to the price totals in the default receipt template.

I got a report that if mcrypt wasn’t installed the tools page won’t load properly. I’ve added a check on tools page to ensure that mcrypt is installed and display a notice if it isn’t.

In testing for WordPress 3.3 (scheduled for the end of November) FoxyShop was throwing one notice regarding a stylesheet insertion. This has been corrected in this patch and FoxyShop is now fully 3.3 compatible.

The upcoming FoxyCart 0.7.2 has added user-editable transaction attributes. FoxyShop has been updated to support this feature. Additionally, if you are running 0.7.2 you’ll now have an added tool in the FoxyShop Tools page–you can update your FoxyCart templates from directly within the FoxyShop admin thanks to the new API tools in 0.7.2. Remember, 0.7.2 isn’t available to the public yet, but when it is, FoxyShop will be ready for it.

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