Version 3.2: You’ll Be Hooked

It’s not the first corny WordPress dev joke and it certainly won’t be the last. FoxyShop version 3.2 has introduced a number of filters and actions that will make it easier to integrate your own functions into FoxyShop. Here’s a rundown on the new additions:

SSO Improvements
Single Sign On support has been reworked to be more flexible. It’s also a lot more reliable in that it pulls the email and password from the database and sets them directly to the FoxyCart user. Previously it relied on grabbing form fields that may or may not have been there. The biggest improvement, though, is that there’s now a filter called foxyshop_save_sso_to_foxycart which lets you hook your own function in to add your own metadata to update the FoxyCart user. This could be address, phone number, etc.

More Hooks
More action hooks were added to the admin for your integration enjoyment.

  • foxyshop_save_product: Hook into the product saving process.
  • foxyshop_order_search_buttons: Add more buttons to the order management page to integrate your own reports
  • foxyshop_order_line_item: Add more links to the end of each order line to integrate your own actions
  • foxyshop_show_user_profile_data: Add more custom fields to the user profile (only for admin viewing)

Easier Printable Receipts
On the order management screen you can now access the FoxyCart receipt and the printable receipt on an order-by-order basis. Just click the FoxyCart icon for the FoxyCart receipt and the order number for the printable receipt.


  • Cart session fields like cart, coupon, etc should not have hmac verification attached. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed the broken “no image” images in the admin view.
  • Fixed javascript error when jQuery acting in noConflict mode (fixed in 3.1.1)
  • Image uploader wouldn’t work if product title had an & – fixed! (3.1.1)
  • Started the enqueue earlier for the foxyshop.css file so it is easier to unregister if desired (3.1.1)
  • Rewrote foxyshop_simple_category_children function to add depth option (show all levels of categories) (3.1.1)

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