Version 3.1: Bulk Updates and More

Version 3.1 has a complete bulk update rebuild and lots of stability updates. There aren’t any new features that you’ll notice, but there’s lots of things that work better. Here’s the rundown:

Bulk Update Integration: The custom field bulk updater plugin now has extra hooks and actions which allow for complete customization. You can now change almost anything about a product right from the Custom Field Edit screen without a lot of fuss. Here’s a preview of how that screen will look if you have the Custom Field Bulk Editor plugin installed.

Variation Processor Update: The variation processor has been updated to successfully handle multiple products being displayed on the same page. This isn’t default FoxyShop behavior, but it isn’t too hard to hack your templates to show the forms and variations on the category list page. The problem, though, was that there were a lot of form elements that were running into each other when they were all living on the same page. That has all been cleared up so you can go crazy and stick as many products and variations on a single page as you want.

Google Product Feed Update: Google has made some significant changes to their product feed. The deadline for these changes to be implemented is September 22nd. The product feed feature has been overhauled to meet the new specification. Be aware that you should include a “google_product_category” custom field in each product with an applicable category. The list of categories is here. If you’d like to apply a bunch of these at once, check out the nifty Custom Field Bulk Editor plugin.

Accidental Settings Loss: The other day I moved a site from dev to production and all of my FoxyShop settings were completely blown away. After doing some research, I realized that I had done a full option_value find and repace query for the updated url and that had changed the length of the string in the FoxyShop settings for default image, thus invalidating the entire settings and making it all start over. To avoid this problem in the future, I’ve removed the default url from the string so FoxyShop now runs the default image if the string is empty. If you are using a custom image and are in a dev environment, you should probably play it safe and use a relative path (/wp-content/) to avoid accidental settings loss.

Further Updates and Bug Fixes:

  • Implemented FOXYSHOP_BUNDLED_PRODUCT_FULL_PRICE feature in the straight text link function
  • Added more specific foxyshop body classes to help with CSS targeting
  • Added admin checks for restricted variation names that will cause problems (like code, weight, price)
  • Fixed broken help messages on settings page
  • Fixed problem where a space in custom upload field name would cause validation to fail
  • Changed dashboard widget to show only live transactions and set the dashboard widget to be visible for admins only

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