Version 2.1: Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

Version 2.1 has been released. You can now use radio buttons and checkboxes in your variations. Note that the settings option to enable custom file upload has been removed since all the variation options are now available in a drop-down menu from your product page. Additionally, the default CSS displays checkbox and radio variation types aligned left which may look a little funny if you are using them in the midst of dropdown lists or text boxes. Designers beware!

UPGRADE NOTICE: Browser page titles have always been a difficult in that they are implemented differently with every theme. This release has added five fields to the settings screen where you can set your page title just as you would like it (or adjust it to match the rest of your theme). After upgrading, please check your pages and make any adjustments to the title as you need.

An inventory manager has been added to the FoxyShop admin. If you are using the inventory feature you’ll be able to view all of your inventory at a glance and see what products are getting low.

The system now checks for the datafeed endpoint file in your theme folder before using the default. This allows you to customize the datafeed endpoint for your own nefarious purposes. <Insert Evil Cackle Here>

Added paging for API returns on the orders, subscriptions, and customers admin pages. Paging sets at 50 records.

Compatibility issues resolved with Google product feed. Your feed is now saved as a txt file automatically so you can be done with the copying and pasting routine.

Only published products will now appear on the site and feeds. Previously, products would appear regardless of their status (draft, private, etc).

Product image bar now displays a warning if the upload directory is not writeable. This is helpful for setting up your site and troubleshooting any image problems. Additionally, the product bar images had malformed alt tags and the uploader has been fixed to catch url encoded values in file names and convert them.

The multi-ship javascript code has been updated to version 2.1.

A bug has been fixed for Windows installs. Windows doesn’t use the money_format function so if that function isn’t available, FoxyShop now rolls back to number_format. If it rolls back, there will not be any localization features available.

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