Version 2.0: Manage Orders and Subscriptions

With the 2.0 version FoxyShop is rolling out broad support for the FoxyCart API and adding the following features:

  • Order Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Customer Management
  • WordPress Single Sign On
  • Bug fixes and interface updates

There are now menu options for Orders and Customers. If your subscription support is enabled you will also be able to view and manage all of your subscriptions. Click the green “plus” button to view more details about your order, subscription, or customer.

WordPress Single Sign On lets you authenticate your WordPress users for FoxyCart Checkout. To set this up, follow the instructions on the Settings page. You also have the option of forcing all users to be account holders.

If you want to change the product slug from “products” to something else, you can now do so by making a small change to the wp-config.php file. See the FAQ for more details.

An advanced option has been added for the Google Analytics implementation that will give you a head start getting your goals and funnels set up.

A bug was fixed which was throwing an error when uploading images on a WordPress installation that was not in the root.

The FoxyCart pricing variable that sets the price{p:10} (as opposed to changing the price{p-2.75}) is now supported. It doesn’t work well with sale prices, though, so beware of that.

Your shipping category codes can now have nice, friendly names. Just put in your shipping codes like this: “freeshipping|Free Shipping”.

PrettyPhoto has been updated from 3.01 to version 3.03.

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