Version 1.50: Variation Images

Version 1.5 allows you to add another option to your variation dropdown called “ikey”. Use this to update the product image when you select a certain variation.

You will enter your variation like this: Green Dogs{p+5|ikey:192} where 192 is the ID of the image for the green dogs. You can now see the image id’s in the tooltip when you hover over the product image in your image bar. Note that when using the ikey on an image, all thumbnails will be displayed below the main image (in the default setup, the main image isn’t shown as a thumbnail).

Thumbnail images now available in the admin product selection screen. Makes identifying your products easier.

Currency is now internationalized so if you are using a currency other than USD, you should see your currency instead of the $. Note that in the admin, currency still needs to be entered with a . for a decimal point. It should show up correctly on the front-end, though.

Product variations have been added to the product array so if you are doing a custom integration it will now be easier to access all variations. Just like images they can be accessed at $product[‘variations’].

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