Version 1.3: Big Update

Version 1.3 has been released and it’s rolling out a lot of updates and enhanced functionality.

  • Added product category sorting feature. Sort by alphabetical (default) or set a custom order.
  • Added function ‘foxyshop_is_product_new()’ to identify products added within a given amount of time (different CSS or a new image)
  • Added a configurable fallback “Back to Products” breadcrumb bar for products that don’t live in a category (or if categories aren’t being used)
  • Added variation variable called “price:x” that will adjust the price on the page, but not in the cart. This is for rare uses with downloadable products that have a price adjustment.
  • Added paging setting to admin. If upgrading an existing theme, you’ll need to make a small change to foxyshop-all-products.php, foxyshop-search.php, and foxyshop-single-category.php to take advantage of this new feature. Replace ‘posts_per_page’ => -1 with ‘posts_per_page’ => foxyshop_products_per_page(). Note that paging does not apply to the All Products page.
  • Added class names to the variation elements for easier jQuery targeting.
  • Added support for more accurate default weight (oz/gm).
  • Added option to show or hide child category’s images on parent category page. Hidden by default.
  • Cleaned up theme files, added new product-loop file so that product listing will be standard on all pages. If you want to edit the way a product looks in search results or on a category page, edit the foxyshop-product-loop.php file.
  • Changed sidebar icon to be more customer-friendly
  • New options will now always have defaults set. No need to go to Settings and click Save after upgrading.
  • Rearranged and improved settings page
  • Fixed the “revert” button on product sorting page
  • General codebase optimization. Many functions have more customization availability.

If you’ve done your own theme file customization, it’s a good idea to take a look at the theme files and do a little comparison as some changes have been made. Nothing will break your existing implementation, but some of the new options and features might not apply. In all cases it’s very easy to tweak the changes.

The files that were changed the most were foxyshop-all-products.php, foxyshop-search.php, and foxyshop-single-category.php. These files have new paging features and new product sorting arrays. Note also that the global $product has been moved to the top of the page and the loop code has been simplified. If you need help updating your theme, please let me know.

And as always, if you run into any problems, leave a comment on this page and I’ll take a look.

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