Version 1.2: Product Sorting

Version 1.2 of FoxyShop has been released and it now sports a revamped product sorting feature. You can choose between any of the following sorting methods for your products:

  • Product Name
  • Price (ascending or descending)
  • Date Added (ascending or descending)
  • Custom Sort

If you choose custom sort, you’ll have access to a drag-and-drop interface where you can manage the sorting for all of your products.

As with any new feature, after upgrading, go to the settings menu and click “Save” to initialize the new settings. If you have debugging mode turned on, you might see a few errors notices until you do this.

The custom sorting method sets the menu_order field in the product database, so if you have a product in multiple categories, the sorting will be reset for that particular product on the last category you update. For this reason, you might want to put the product near the top of the list for the most consistency.

Additionally, if you are using your own customized theme files, you will need to make a few tweaks to take full advantage of the new sorting methods. In files foxyshop-all-products.php, foxyshop-search.php, and foxyshop-single-category.php, just replace the line that starts with $args with the two new lines from the new theme files. This utilizes a new function to pull in the master sort settings.

This version also moved the product feed to its own page and made it a feature which can be turned on (off by default). A few internationalization tweaks were made (I can get you a POT file if you want to help translate) and a few bugs were squashed.

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