FoxyShop Starter Theme for Twenty Eleven

If you’ve tried to install FoxyShop with Twenty Eleven (the current default theme for WordPress) you already know that things look a little wonky. It’s not terrible, but the margins are off and everything just takes some tweaking before it looks right.

To help you get started faster, I’ve put together a starter theme that you can use as a child theme for Twenty Eleven. Or, you can just grab the header and footer files and chuck the css into your existing stylesheet. Either way, this should save you at least an hour getting Twenty Eleven and FoxyShop to play nicely.

Download Theme

Dec 2011 UPDATE: Theme updated on December 19, 2011 to add z-index: 1; to #branding. TwentyEleven 1.3 changed this so that the header was floating over top of the cart modal.

Jan 2012 UPDATE: The downloadable version has this included, but as of version 3.9, you will want to change line 8 of the included foxyshop.css file from #foxyshop_container #content to .foxyshop #content since moving the #foxyshop_container inside the header includes affected this theme. This only applies if you are running a version of this theme you previously downloaded.

April 2012 UPDATE: I’ve made some responsive updates to this theme so that it will scale better at lower resolutions. These changes are at the bottom of foxyshop.css if you’d like to upgrade your existing theme.

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