FoxyShop 4.7: Image Upload Update

Before upgrading, please read this carefully.

TL;DR if you allow customer uploads on your cart or have a datepicker calendar, you’ll need to add a new plugin before upgrading.

WordPress temporarily blocked access to FoxyShop from their plugin repo this week due to the fact that FoxyShop uses the flash plugin Uploadify to process our image uploads. When I first built FoxyShop, Uploadify was a great tool that was widely used, but since that time it has garnered a bad reputation as being insecure. I want to stress that our implementation of Uploadify is completely secure since we don’t use their image processing tool but use WordPress’ instead. We have the upload process fully locked down. That said, WordPress asked us to stop using Uploadify and disabled FoxyShop from the repo until we did so. I understand what they are doing and why, but it’s still a bit frustrating.

FoxyShop uses Uploadify in two places — the product upload within the product detail page and the customer upload tool (as a product variation). I have rebuilt the image upload tool using Dropzone which will allow you to upload images by dragging and dropping.

If your cart allows customers to upload images as part of their order, you will need to add a supplemental plugin called “foxyshop-uploadify” (download here). This adds the uploadify files back to WordPress and provides the theme files necessary to keep all the functionality that you’ve been using. If you have a foxyshop-custom-upload.php file in your plugin you’ll want to update the file references based on the ones that you’ll get in the foxyshop-uploadify plugin found above.

We also were alerted by the WordPress plugins team that the jQueryUI Datepicker widget is now bundled directly with WordPress. As a result, we have switched our include method to load the Datepicker directly from the WordPress files. There may be a few of you who were relying on the Datepicker files in the FoxyShop plugin. If that’s the case, you’ll want to download the files directly form jQuery UI and include them directly in your theme.

If you are confused about any of this, please write in. I’m happy to help answer any questions or help you get your site functionality upgraded. Thanks!

Other updates in 4.7:

  • Update sub start and end dates to listen for FoxyCart date format (like 1m, 10d, etc.)
  • Don’t load multiship JavaScript if multiship is not enabled

And other updates in the 4.6.x versions:

  • WP 4.3 compatibility changes with widget constructor
  • SSO endpoint now listens for update/cancellation and doesn’t query cart in those cases
  • Update PrettyPhoto to 3.1.6
  • Update Order Desk Link on Orders page
  • Removing unneeded queries when setting up images

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