Version 4.3.2: Custom Variation Names

DocsVersion 4.3.2 has an upgrade which will allow you a lot of flexibility with the variation field names. You can now customize the name of the fields and the value of each variation. This is very helpful if you’d like to use a variation to set the subscription frequency. Here’s an example of the new syntax:

Variation Name: Frequency{sub_frequency}

Just Once{v:}
Every 2 Weeks{v:2w}
Every Month{v:1m}

And here’s another example:

Variation Name: Start Date{sub_startdate}

1st of the Month{v:1}
15th of the Month{v:15}

You can put the “real” name of the variation in {curly braces} and then you can put the “real” dropdown value as a v: modifier. Just entering “v:” will pass in a blank value. Note that you can’t use this with other modifiers like price adjustment since this really becomes a non-variation field.

Other updates:

  • Added missing radio title dkey class
  • Added FoxyCart 1.1 option (even though this isn’t available yet, it will be soon)
  • Added ‘foxyshop_inventory_update’ action

Here are the updates from 4.3.1 which was released in late 2012:

  • Added easier category syncing for FoxyCart 0.7.2+
  • Fixed spacing issue with WP 3.5
  • Fix to remove the `quantity_max` field when backordering is allowed
  • Show warning if cURL is not installed
  • Moved the template cache functionality up so that scrolling isn’t required as often on the tools page

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