Version 4.1: Export CSV Transactions

This release adds a much-requested CSV export feature for transactions and has quite a few other maintenance updates.

The Orders page in the admin has been adjusted so that instead of adding buttons for each new customization, these new customizations can be placed into a dropdown menu:

Custom buttons can still be added using the existing filter. The new action is called foxyshop_order_search_list.

The FoxyShop product detail page now has an option for native ColorBox image popups. You can select prettyPhoto, CloudZoom, or ColorBox on the foxyshop-single-product.php template. If you want to customize, you can grab the code from the foxyshop_build_image_slideshow() function in helperfunctions.php and paste it right into your template file.

Maintenance Items:

  • Sped up admin product page load by skipping javascript and loading images natively on first load and by caching and condensing a lot of jQuery
  • Removed UPS export option in settings – it will always show up on the View Orders page in the new dropdown
  • Added an argument to the foxyshop_setup_product() function to speed up the inventory page load
  • Added ‘foxyshop_main_menu_name’ filter so you can customize the main admin menu title
  • Moved the jQuery insert from ‘init’ to ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’ so it initializes later
  • The foxyshop_setup_product() function was upgraded to accept product ID’s and slugs as well as $post objects
  • Added optional append argument to the foxyshop_save_attribute() helper function
  • Added filters for the order/customer/subscription search defaults
  • Bugfix: Related products were matching an add-on product, not the main parent
  • Bugfix: Search page template was loading the foxyshop header instead of footer at end of file



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