Version 3.8: Inventory and API Updates

Version 3.8 brings a lot of small improvements to FoxyShop. The inventory system and the FoxyCart API connections are now easier to work with. Here’s a rundown of the new stuff you’ll find in 3.8:

Inventory Updates

There’s been a new helper function added for developers to update inventory levels. You just have to pass in the item code, the new inventory level, and an optional product ID, and the function finds the correct product and updates the inventory level. This makes it much easier to integrate into a third-party inventory system. Speaking of which, there is some code available for SmartTurn and ConsoliBYTE inventory integration so please let me know if you are interested in this code. The ConsoliBYTE integration will be officially supported soon.

You can also now import your inventory levels all at once. Previously, the inventory import would only save existing values. The only fields that need to be filled out in order to add new inventory values are the Code and Inventory columns (third and fifth column). The other columns can be blank as they are ignored.

API Updates

You can now show more than 50 orders per page (FoxyCart 0.7.1+ only) by setting the FOXYSHOP_API_ENTRIES_PER_PAGE constant in your wp-config.php file. The Orders, Customers, and Subscriptions lists also have much better paging now–it’s the default WordPress paging style.

A Bulk Archive option has been added to the Manage Orders screen so you can archive or unarchive a bunch of products at once. The important thing to remember here, is that each transaction still has to be processed one at a time on the backend, so it can be a little slow. You may want to only do 10-15 at a time to ensure the process finishes without timing out. Your experience may differ, just tread with caution.

Other Updates:

  • The Bulk Update feature now lets you update prices dynamically with +, -, or by percentage.
  • Many datafeed template improvements–this template is moving toward having most of the page in external functions. Added WP actions as well.
  • cURL connection error now displays actual error
  • Added MinFraud score (0.7.2+) to transaction details
  • “No Weight” can now be set as a system default if your products don’t use weight. Just set your default weight to 0.
  • Added a filter so that the date format can be adjusted on the order page
  • Bugfix: transaction receipts outside the default date filter now viewable
  • Bugfix: admin nag bars are now limited to admins only
  • Bugfix: corrected jQuery error (variations js) which was appearing only in iOS 4
  • Bugfix: Corrected some errors in the subscription datafeed processor – update your datafeed template

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