Version 3.7: Google Products Integration & UPS WorldShip

FoxyShop version 3.7 introduces two exciting new features: Direct UPS WorldShip integration and direction Google Product Search Support.

UPS WorldShip

If you are using UPS’s desktop shipping program, WorldShip, you can now export data right from the FoxyShop Order Management page into WorldShip. This will speed up your label-creation process quite a bit. To turn on this feature, just check the “Enable UPS WorldShip Label Export” box on the FoxyShop Settings page. Then go to the order page, set your search criteria, and click the “UPS Export” button. Then save the XML file in your WorldShip import folder and WorldShip does the rest. If you need some special fields, there are a number of WordPress filters in place so you can hook in and adjust the exported XML as you need to.

Google Product Search Integration

FoxyShop has always allowed you to export a TXT file and upload it to Google’s Product Feed. This takes time and effort and has to be done once a month. No more! FoxyShop now has a built-in integration that will let you update and renew your product catalog directly within your admin. The Google products can be synced directly with your existing store contents. Please read the documentation for thorough instructions on proper usage and upgrade notes.

Also added in this version is a new metabox for Google Product Fields. These fields have also been added to the bulk update feature so you can update many at once. Keep in mind that if you previously had Google Product Fields added to your products (Google Product Category, MPN, Brand, GTIN, etc.) they have been converted to hidden fields so they’ll only be available in the new meta box. Technically: the fields now have an underscore in front of them.

Other Updates

  • The packaged jQuery version is now 1.7.1.
  • The FoxyShop Import/Export tool now includes saved variations. Handy if you want to transfer all your settings.
  • The related product WP_Query loop wasn’t resetting and the last related product was taking over the default POST query. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an uninstall issue and some potential missing datafeed keys on new installs.

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