Version 3.4: Add-on Products

Here’s a rundown of all the goodies in FoxyShop version 3.4:

Add-on Products
This is the biggest new feature: you can now add products that are a bit like bundled products but will show up on your product page with a checkbox. This will work nicely for up-selling and attachment products. Note that variations inside of add-on products are not supported. It’s also recommended that you don’t add more than 10 add-on products to any one product because of IE’s URL max-character limit.

If you want to use add-on products and already have a customized foxyshop-single-product.php template you’ll need to add this line to your template where you want the add-on products to display: foxyshop_addon_products();

New Tools Page in Admin
There’s a new tools page in the FoxyShop admin with lots of added functionality:

  • Recommended plugins with direct download links
  • Google Product Feed moved here
  • Import/Export FoxyShop settings (includes category sorting, too)
  • Tool to scan for old variations
  • Tool to flush rewrite rules
  • Reset API Key tool moved here
  • FoxyShop uninstallation instructions

Social Sharing Fields
Meta tags for FaceBook’s open graph have been added to the html header of product pages. This means that when clicking a Like button from a product page, you’ll get the product title and the product image pre-loaded. G+ meta tags have been added as well. If you’d like to disable these meta tags, there are instructions on the Advanced Settings page.

Inventory Updates
The Manage Inventory page has gotten a facelift. It now looks more like a standard WordPress list. You can now update your inventory numbers directly from this page. It even uses a “SmartUpdate” feature that won’t overwrite any recent changes. For example, if you are updating inventory numbers and someone else makes an update or an order comes in while the page is up, it will make your changes based on what your initial value was rather than a complete reset of the field. There’s also a new feature to export and import all you inventory values at once so that you can edit them in a spreadsheet program. (This method doesn’t utilize the SmartUpdate.)

Order Management Facelift
The order management view, customer view, and subscription view have also gotten similar facelifts with standard WordPress lists. Additionally, all order data is now saved locally on the page and served immediately. This speeds up the process dramatically since you won’t have to query the (kind of slow) API for each order.

Misc Improvements and Fixes:

  • Product weight can now be disabled on a per-product basis if you don’t want to pass weight to the cart
  • SSO Update: redirection url now persistent throughout login/redirect process
  • Browser title filter will be skipped if a title isn’t set – helpful for compatibility with SEO plugins
  • Orders and subscriptions will display results immediately without having to make an initial search (can be disabled by setting constant in wp-config.php)
  • Added depth option to category list widget
  • Bugfix: category list widget wasn’t saving top-level term
  • Added a number of filter hooks

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