Version 3.0: A Big Overhaul

FoxyShop version 3.0 is now available from the WordPress SVN. Here are the features and upgrades:

  • Statistics Widget: There’s a new statistics widget which you can add to the Admin Dashboard. It shows your recent orders and product overview at a glance. Turn on the new widget by selecting the option near the bottom of the Advanced section in your FoxyShop Settings page. Note that by default it shows up on the bottom of your screen. I recommend that you drag it up to the top of the right column for best visibility.
  • Variation Update: Variations have gotten a big update. The code for managing them in the admin has been almost completely rewritten. Additionally, the variations can now be dragged around so if you want to change the order in which they appear, it’s very easy to change now. Just drag the sort number in the lower right hand corner of each box. All variations for each product are now stored in one field and managed from there instead of five fields for each variation. When upgrading, your variations will be automatically upgraded to the new format, so if you have lots and lots of products (like thousands) it could take a 10-30 seconds to complete the upgrade. No worries, this is a one-time process.
  • Bundled/Related Products: Previously all products were listed in a drop-down and products were added to a tag list. These fields are now a searchable text box much like Facebook. It’s a lot easier to add products.
  • Improved Permalink Parsing: Previously a lot of people had trouble with the permalink requirements of Month and Name or Day and Name. The permalink query process has been updated to include backup parsing so if you have a custom permalink structure (or most any structure) the system should be able to function properly. The only structure that is not supported is the default structure without permalinks (?p=123).
  • Default menu order: Now set to be post ID instead of 0. This puts new products at the end by default instead of “sort of at the front.”
  • Bugfix: Corrected bug where spaces in variation field names caused validation errors.
  • Scripting Cleanup: I’ve gone through every page in the admin with a fine-tooth comb and done a lot of cleanup and optimization. You’ll notice a lot of little places where the interface has been improved. And there’s a lot of places that have cleaner, better code which doesn’t really add much to the user experience, but it sure does feel good to know that the back closets have been giving a thorough spring cleaning.

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