Version 2.7: Variation Upgrades and Other Tweaks

FoxyShop version 2.7 has been released and it includes a new features and some bug-fixes and tweaks.

  • New Feature: Variation Description Field
    You can now add a variation that is simply a description field with text. This can be really helpful if you need some space to describe a variation or give your customers some instructions. Each field has unique CSS classes as well so you can format as you like.
  • New Function: foxyshop_simple_category_children()
    If you just need a simple list of categories, try the function foxyshop_simple_category_children(0) and you’ll get an unordered list of top-level categories. Very handy for menus. Make sure to wrap with a <ul>.
  • Updated Multiship Javascript
    The multi-ship dropdown javascript library wasn’t handling the HMAC verification very gracefully so ship-to names weren’t staying making it into the cookies. This has been corrected and works properly now.
  • A Few Miscellaneous Fixes
    There have been a few minor CSS upgrades, and bugfixes. Notably, the new FOXYSHOP_SKIP_VERIFICATION from version 2.6 wasn’t working properly and that has now been fixed. Additionally, you can now remove a sale price completely and it won’t throw an error any more.

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