Version 2.2: Weight Precision

Version 2.2 has been released. Here are the highlights:

  • Secondary weight (oz/gm) can now be set with higher precision up to .1 oz. (1 lb, 6.1 oz or 0.1 oz for very light items in bulk). You can also type a decimal into the lb box (like 1.8) and the oz will automatically be calculated.
  • Additional third party datafeeds can now be set in the endpoint template. This allows you to use more than one integration at a time. See the notes in the template page for more details and instructions.
  • API keys can now be reset if you need a fresh one. Click the link at the bottom of the settings page. Note that once you reset, the old key can not be recovered.
  • Added warning and prohibition for using quotes (“) and periods (.) in variation names as these will throw FoxyCart validation errors. You can use a curly quote if you like, but periods are right out.

A few days ago version 2.1.1 was released which patched an error on the custom file uploader variation which was left over from the new features introduced in 2.1. This release also added a feature where the uploaded files areĀ  now displayed as a link in the FoxyShop order admin.

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