Finally, the Perfect WordPress Shopping Cart for Developers.

  • Total Template Flexibility
  • No SSL Required
  • Uses Native WordPress Functionality
  • Free During Dev, FoxyCart Starts at $15/mo.
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About FoxyCart

FoxyCart is a hosted e-commerce solution that was built specifically with web developers in mind. It is easy to hook into any third-party database or CMS and with a little customization can do anything you want. FoxyCart is free for development and when you are ready to go live, the cost starts at $15/month.


About FoxyShop

FoxyShop was built to make the integration of FoxyCart and WordPress a breeze. Products are easy to manage and the flexible templates make it easy for developers to quickly build their storefront. The FoxyShop plugin is exhaustively documented, actively maintained, and completely free.


What People Are Saying

“FoxyShop is clean, well-written, and doesn’t make me hate PHP.” – Joel
“FoxyShop is a bad-ass plugin!” – Ben
“The more I dig into this plugin, the more I love it.” – Jacob
“I really appreciate the work that you have done with this plugin.” – Joe
“FoxyShop was the perfect solution for integrating two amazing systems; WordPress and FoxyCart. The plugin is very well supported and easy to use. David has been a tremendous help to us! Time and time again, he has gone above and beyond my expectations as a plugin developer.” – Chris
“This plugin is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and it looks amazing!” – Jonas
“Thank you for taking the time to craft something which has been so useful to us.” – Joel
“It's an awesome plugin, and is now one of my go-tos.” – Mitchell
“Thanks! Your plugin works great for this application.” – Ben
“FoxyShop is the best e-commerce plugin, hands down!” – Chris

Just a Few of the FoxyShop Features:

  • Fully customizable theme files and CSS
  • Unlimited images per product with popup slideshow
  • Widget support for featured categories
  • Manage product inventory within the WordPress admin
  • Set up product categories and subcategories
  • Drag-and-drop product sorting
  • Complete flexibility for product variations and pricing
  • Sale pricing with optional date controls
  • Digital products and subscriptions
  • Allow WordPress users to checkout with their account
  • Flexible product and category discounts
  • Multiple shipping recipients
  • Inventory management
  • Internationalization support
  • Field validation to prevent form tampering
  • Lots more... See Complete Feature List!

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