Trouble With Local Currency

If you are having trouble setting your local currency, you can use WordPress filters found in FoxyShop 3.4+ to override the defaults with your currency setting. Here’s an example for replacing EUR with €.

add_filter("foxyshop_currency", "force_euro_currency");
add_filter("foxyshop_form_l18n", "force_euro_currency");
function force_euro_currency($str) {
	return str_replace("EUR", "€", $str);

Additionally, many locale lists are now using “en_US.utf-8” or “en_GB.utf-8”. If the currency fields aren’t working, be sure to check with your host for the proper locale code for your system.

You could try something like this in your funtions.php file

setlocale(LC_MONETARY, 'en_US.utf-8');

Please note that WP-Engine uses .UTF-8 at the end of all their locale codes.

Posted in: Troubleshooting