Image Upload Problems

If you are getting an error when uploading an image through the FoxyShop Image Manager, here are a few things to look at:

  • Make sure that your permalinks are set to Month and Name or Day and Name.
  • Flush your rewrite rules – there’s a button to do this on the FoxyShop tools page.
  • Make sure that your image upload folder is writeable. There will be a warning in your settings page if this is the problem.
  • On the WordPress General Settings page, make sure that the WordPress Address and Site Address have the same base url. If one is www and the other isn’t, you’ll get security errors.
  • Check your SecFilterEngine and SecFilterScanPOST settings from this page.
  • Are you in Maintenance Mode? If so, you need to exclude your image upload url path. More info here.
  • If all else fails, you can upload your images through the standard WordPress upload feature to attach the media item to the product.

Posted in: Troubleshooting