Get a JSON Feed From the Product Page

If you would like to be able to get a JSON (or JSONP for that matter) feed of a single product from the product page, you can use this code snippet. Since you’ll lose your modifications when the FoxyShop plug-in updates if you modify the original plug-in file, you’ll want to make a copy of the file themefiles/foxyshop-single-product.php, add the code snippet below to the copied file, then upload the copy to the WordPress folder of your selected theme (typically at /wordpress/wp-content/themes/your-selected-theme).

You’ll insert this at the very top of the file (before get_header());

if (isset($_GET['json'])) {
	while (have_posts()) : the_post();
		global $product;
		$product = foxyshop_setup_product();
		$jsonval = json_encode($product);
		if (isset($_REQUEST['callback'])) { //This creates JSONP wrapper
			$jsonval = sanitize_title($_REQUEST['callback']) . "($jsonval)";
		echo $jsonval;

To access the JSON feed, use the product’s URL plus


For example:

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