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Widgets and Shortcodes


There may be times where were you want to display product information on a regular page instead of using the built-in permalink structure. There are several shortcodes to aid in this process.

If you would like to use Shortcodes inside of a page or post, you can do so by passing in the product’s slug.

Full Product Details

[showproduct name="product-slug"]

Product Category Page

[productcategory name="category-slug"]

Display All Products

Here’s some code to display your all-products page in a shortcode. Save that file as foxyshop-all-products-shortcode.php in your theme folder, then add this code into your functions.php file.

Finally, you’ll place this in the desired location on the page:

[allproducts name="products-slug"]

Add To Cart Link (URL Only)

[productlink name="product-slug"]

Add To Cart Link (Formatted Link)

[product name="product-slug"]Add To Cart[/product]

Alternate: [product name="product-slug"]

With Variations: [product name="product-slug" variations="Color=Green&Size=Large"]Add To Cart[/product]

The theme customization files for the product details and the category page can be found in the /themefiles/ directory. Read more about editing theme files. These shortcodes don’t, by default, do everything that a regular product page does since there isn’t a permanent url attached. For this reason, it’s recommended that you use the permalink structure if you can.



FoxyShop has some pre-loaded widgets available on the Appearances / Widgets menu:

  • Add a Shopping Cart link that automatically updates with the quantity and price
  • Display products in a featured category
  • Display a list of categories

If you’d like a widget to show only a specific product, here’s some code to do that. Just put this code in your functions.php file.

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